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Dear Dr. Hughes

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreicate your help.  I was headed for surgery when I came into see you.  The surgeon had drawn a diagram on my hand as to where he would make the incision to fix the arthritis around my thumb.  I was in so much pain and at times I had to be careful that I did not drop anything when I started to pick it up because my thumb hurt so bad, it felt like it was going to break, the pain was so unbearable at times.  Now I am able to lift without being concerned about dropping things and the pain is gone. I'am so grateful to you, because I sure was hating the thought of having surgery.

Thank  you again,

Jeanette Border


I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc  Disease over 15 years ago.  I began having severe back pain while in high school, over 30 years ago.  When I was 15 years old I had an appendectomy.  My appendix began leaking out its poison for several months before it was removed and orthopedic surgeon believed that the deteriorated vertebra was caused by that posion.  Through the years I develpoed a bulging L5 disc.  MRI's through the years show bone spurs and arthritis in several places on my spine.  In the last 6 to 7 years I was diagnosed with bursitis.  I also was in 2 rather severe automobile accidents and broke 3 bones due to them.  I basically was in pain every day.  But now the pain is gone.

I started going to a chiropractor over 25 years ago.  It lessened the severity of my pain.  But, I still had pain.  I began going to Dr. Anna toward the end of 2009.  She was able to address the source of my problem, which I believe means she was able to align me correctly something that had never been done before.  I have been completely pain free since about November of 2009.  I thank God for finding Dr. Anna!

Holly McAtee


One morning in August of 2006, I woke up with a swollen right ear. It felt as if I had a ball about half-way down my canal and it was difficult to hear. This continued for 4 days then my voice started to get hoarse. I went to my doctor and she gave me some steroids, ear drops, and allergy meds. I took them for the next couple of weeks and continued to get worse. By this time, I could not speak aloud and was having a difficult time swallowing liquids and breathing. I went back to the doctor only to get more medications for my stomach with no real concern. I knew in my heart that something was wrong and getting worse all of the time.

I scheduled an appointment with an ENT specialist in Charleston, WV. While I was waiting to go to Charleston, I went to my doctor one more time and she admitted me to Camden Clark Hospital. I stayed in the hospital for 3 days and had visits from several specialists. Tests showed I could not swallow and my vocal cords were not working. The doctors did not have any diagnosis or prognosis. They really did not know what my problem was. My doctor scheduled me to see a specialist in Morgantown, WV at University Hospital. After examining me and finding my diaphragm did not work either, I was admitted to Ruby Memorial Hospital where I spent the next 10 days. I saw about 30 different doctors and interns. I had 5 MRI's, 3 CAT scans and about every test there is to run. The final guess was a virus that had affected a nerve in my brain that controlled the voice box, swallowing mechanism and diaphragm.

I did not have a voice for 2 months, could not swallow and continued to have trouble breathing. My doctor told me to sign up for my long-term disability because she did not think I would ever be able to speak normally again. I didn't think so either. Life was a nightmare. I am a customer service manager and I like to talk. Needless to say, my life as it once was had come to an end.

The first part of November my daughter-in-law's father, Dorsel Vineyard called and told my husband about Dr. Anna Hughes. It was a Saturday morning and my husband, now my spokesperson, wanted to call immediately. I told him she would not be in on a Saturday and to wait until Monday. When we called on Monday, we were told to come right in and that we should have called on Saturday as she was in the office. We felt like family as soon as we walked in, though the office was very busy, we waited only a short time.

Dr. Hughes took some x-rays and used some of her specialty tools to pin-point the problem, then proceeded to manipulate my neck and back until my body and brain were communicating. That very evening my voice was beginning to squeak and by the next evening I could make sense on the telephone, my voice was back - a little quiet - but back! After going back to Dr. Anna's office a couple more times that week, my voice was back to normal. I could swallow and breathe. Two weeks later, I went back to work. I will be a patient of Dr. Anna's until she throws me out. My husband and mother ( at the age of 86) are also now patients of Dr. Anna.

I don't know what would have happened to me if I had not met Dr. Anna Hughes and I don't even want to think about it. I just know she gave me the life that I know and love back to me, and in a very short time.

Saying thanks is not enough, but there are no words to show my gratitude.

Thank you Dr. Anna!!!
Mary Spears

On May 16, 2006 I went to see Dr. Anna Hughes after seeing neurologists at Cleveland Clinic and Pittsburgh Hospital. I had developed a severe stuttering problem and severe seizure-like tremors which left me with weakness and, at times, unable to use my right side on April 13, 2006. I had been in the hospital locally and also in Marietta. Two top-notch neurologists in two states were unable to find the problem and sent me home with no answers. I was very discouraged and frustrated. I woke up after returning from Pittsburgh on Tuesday, May 15, 2006 and called Dr. Anna Hughes' office. Jane was kind and told me to come right in. I had been a patient a couple of years earlier so Dr. Anna was amazed at what condition I was in.

Dr. Hughes was able to find the problem within minutes that the specialist was not able to find in months. My vertebrae was putting pressure on my brain stem and causing all of my problems. Within minutes after manipulation to the brain stem and proper alignment, I was back to my normal self. My speech was fine and my tremors were completely gone. I walked out of her office on my own.

How important is the work that Dr. Anna Hughes does? I know now, because it helps me function everyday. I never knew that one little miscommunication could lead to one huge mishap until now. It was scary not knowing if I would be able to get out of bed that day, if I would be able to drive to the store, or if I can talk to my family.

Thank you Dr. Anna for giving me my life back!

Amy Long

I am 75 years old and for many years I have known that if I did alot of walking, I could have or be threatened with muscle spasms in either thigh during the night or early the next morning. If I couldn't get them stopped, they could be as painful as labor pains. Sometimes Absorbine, Jr. would help or I might have to sit in a tub of hot water and rub them to get the spasm to release.

In mid-summer of 2006, I started feeling like I might have a spasm in one or both thighs almost every night and sometimes I did have one. Absorbine, Jr. was my only relief and I used bottles of it. I also used Hyland's pills. I also tried the Absorbine, Jr. patches.

Since I rarely need to go to a doctor, I just go to Quickcare when needed. When I saw the doctor about a urinary tract infection, I told her about my thigh spasms so she had my electrolytes checked and they were fine.

On Sunday, July 23, 2006 I woke up and had to sit in a tub of hot water again. For most of the day, I felt like if I sat down, my legs would spasm. I called Quickcare and since I had been there recently, they were able to call the pharmacy with a prescription for a muscle relaxer. Later in the summer Dr. Dushcoff gave me a prescription which didn't work for me and after that Dr. Whalin gave me a sample of Requip which actually aggravated my condition.

On Friday night, Octover 20, 2006 I used a heating pad, Hyland's pills, Absorbine, Jr. and a warm blanket just trying to get some relief. I had made an appointment with Dr. Dan McGraw for October 24th and I was counting the days hoping that he could help me. At my appointment some of his staff did an ultra-sound on both thighs and Dr. McGraw recommended that I get compression stockings and see him again in 8 weeks. I didn't want to think about wearing those stockings and didn't feel that they would help.

In desperation, I called the office of Dr. Anna Hughes on Monday, November 6, 2006 because I had seen her advertisement on television. I made an appointment for Tuesday, November 7th at 9:30am. She didn't promise to help me, but she was hopeful. I went again on November 8th and 9th. After the second treatment, I have not had a spasm or needed Absorbine, Jr. I know that saying "It is a Miracle" is a cliche', but it truly feels like one to me. I will continue treatments as needed.